Action This

Hosted by Zack Hamilton
Practical wisdom
for experience professionals
Traditional experience management is a round peg. Today’s consumer landscape is a square hole. The two no longer fit together – so we’re here to guide experience leaders towards a new way of thinking. Join the industry veterans at Chatter, alongside a stacked roster of influential guests, as they dish about what it really takes for brands to achieve CX excellence. We’ll be exploring field-tested strategies for turning insights into action, connecting the dots, and bringing about real change within your organization.
Action This Podcast Hosted by Zack Hamilton
About Zack Hamilton

Zack Hamilton, Chief Experience & Strategy Officer at Chatter by Stingray, is an experience management veteran of more than 20 years. In addition to serving as an Executive Advisor to 200+ retail brands around the world, he has successfully led go-to-market and enablement strategy initiatives across the Medallia retail ecosystem.

Most recently, Zack was asked to join both the Forbes Business Council and Fast Company’s Executive Board, cementing his status as an influential voice in his industry.