S1E3 • Creative thinking conquers all

Gabor George Burt

Episode overview

If you ask Gabor George Burt, the key to delivering CX excellence is staying curious. However, in his opinion, our industry is at a crossroads: we’re currently in a crisis of complacency, and experience practitioners have been lulled into conforming to the norm. Either we continue down the limiting path of conventional wisdom, or we transform this stagnation into a catalyst for innovation.

Burt is the author of Slingshot: Re-Imagine Your Business, Re-Imagine Your Life and one of the leading thinkers behind the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Guest bio

Gabor George Burt is one of the most acclaimed thinkers and innovators in the realm of business strategy. His signature concept is reimagining boundaries in order to unlock creativity as a lever for growth and success. As one of the experts behind the now-ubiquitous Blue Ocean Theory and the author of Slingshot, Burt’s insights are renowned across the globe. He has been a speaker, presenter, and judge at some of the world’s most prominent industry events, and has written for esteemed publications like the Harvard Business Review and Entrepreneur.

Get the book ‘Slingshot’

Consistent with its theme, Gabor’s book ‘SLINGSHOT’ re-imagines traditional leadership books by featuring childrens’ illustrations, original music, and by being only privately available. It, therefore, serves as an exclusive resource and personal guide for re-imagining boundaries and creating blue oceans.

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