​Maximize the impact of your CX improvements

As an executive leader, it can be difficult to pinpoint which business elements need the most work. Chatter makes it easy to identify high-impact areas of improvement so you can increase top line revenue, lower cost to serve, and improve customer lifetime value.​

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Chatter for Executive Leaders

Stay ahead

Stay ahead of

the curve​


Maintain an agile business model as your

industry pivots to grow your market

and wallet share.​

Lean into customer obsession

​Lean into customer



Let the voice of the customer guide your CX

strategy. Prioritize real-time insights that

can be actioned immediately.​

employee recognition

Elevate people



Become an employer brand of choice for all

employees through active listening,

feedback-driven leadership,

and continuous check-ins.​

performance tracking

Grow with intention,

increase CLTV


Interact with customers at make-or-break moments along

the shopping journey to increase basket size,

encourage repeat purchases,

and convert more in-store traffic.​

Reduce your cost

to serve​


Understand which frictions are causing major CX issues,

then prioritize high-value, high-velocity

optimizations and enhancements.​

How we do it

First things first​

First things first​


Chatter’s Action Center combines customer and employee feedback with transactional data to prioritize high-impact actions.​

Measure your impact​


Connect the dots between actions taken and positive business outcomes delivered by integrating transactional data and customer feedback.​

Measure your impact​
Enable action with role-based dashboards​

Enable action with role-based dashboards​


Cut through the noise and empower staff to effect real change by displaying insights that are relevant to each person’s specific role.

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