S1E4 • 6 Pitfalls of CX management, Pt. 1

Tom Wintering, McKinsey & Company

Episode overview

Even the most seasoned experience professionals can fall victim to common CX pitfalls. We sat down with Tom Wintering, a leader in McKinsey’s global CX practice, to explore high-impact solutions to some of the most pervasive issues in this space – and how brands can determine whether they’re committing a faux-pas.

Guest bio

Tom Wintering is a leader in McKinsey’s global CX practice, focusing primarily on organization-wide CX, design, and customer success capability-building programs. As a design thinking expert, Tom is passionate about inspiring employees (heck, everyone on Earth!) at every level to embrace a more empathic, human-centered approach to their day-to-day work. Tom also spent several years as a product manager at Amazon, building new businesses for the Kindle Education organization.