S1E9 • Data through the decades

Carl Leskinen, Burt Intelligence

Episode overview

Over the last decade, data analysts rallied around a common goal: making data usable. In the coming decade, they’ll be focusing their efforts on making it actionable. Carl Leskinen, CEO of analytics agency Burt Intelligence, joins us this week to chat about the role data analysts can play within a cross-functional CX team, and why holistic data systems are non-negotiable for brands. 

Guest bio

Carl Leskinen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Burt Intelligence, a data analytics agency that serves the advertising industry. As the media landscape grows increasingly complex, he is leveraging his experience as a data analyst and advisor to help advertising professionals demystify their data to make well-informed strategic decisions. Prior to Burt Intelligence, Carl spent the better part of a decade as a consultant and systems architect, in addition to earning three global patents and a Master’s Degree in Physics from Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden.