S1E13 • An ode to CXO

Nav Thethi, Hitachi

Episode overview


According to digital experience whiz Nav Thethi, the CXO is the most crucial role within an organization. When unifying customer, employee, and product data, how can CXOs ensure that companies are taking these insights at face value – not just hearing what they want to hear? We also dig into the future of experience in IoT, the metaverse, and how CX will change by 2030. 

Guest bio


Nav Thethi is an accomplished CX professional who helps large enterprises design unified digital experiences, empowering them to advance their adoption of specific products and solutions offerings. His professional background includes leading roles in technology, management, business, marketing, and customer-facing leadership with well-known global organizations including Quark, Fidelity, and currently working at Hitachi Vantara.

At Hitachi, he is also responsible for managing web operations at its entirety and the governance model to achieve operational excellence and deliver an awesome digital experience.