Do you have a good online reputation?

77% of customers read online reviews before they buy. What do yours say about your brand? Our free review analysis tool will reveal your greatest strengths, weaknesses, and how your reputation compares to the competition.

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What’s in your personalized report?

Sentiment analysis

An AI-powered sentiment analysis based on 4,200+ retail-centric topics.

Strengths and weaknesses

A breakdown of your top weaknesses and strengths to understand what’s working (and what’s not).

Review comparison

A competitor analysis that compares your reviews to a brand of your choice.

How our online review solution drives results

web traffic YoY thanks to improved SERP rank
reduction in paid ad spending from improved SEO
Google review ratings within 9 months
location-based review volume within 3 months

5 steps to a better brand experience​

1. discover

1. Discover

the topics, themes, and sentiments behind the reviews that represent your brand online.

2. understand

2. Understand

your blind spots and how you stack up against your biggest competitor.

3. compare

3. Compare

your brand’s ratings and sentiment analysis within the ranker.

4. Engage

4. Engage

with reviewers via 2-way messaging and close the loop on key areas of improvement.

5. Increase

5. Increase

your clout with Boost, a feature that encourages customers to publish their in-chat feedback as an official review.