A five-star strategy
for driving sales

Turn your online reviews into revenue. The more ratings you rack up, the higher you’ll rank on search engines, and the more foot traffic you’ll attract.


How Chatter streamlines
experience management

Connect and understand

Engage with customers via their preferred channel and use conversational AI to deepen your understanding of their experience.​

Analyze, organize, empower​

Use AI and NLP to analyze feedback, data, and sentiment, then filter insights into role-based dashboards designed to enable action.​

Take action, quantify impact​

Ensure leaders across departments have the data to hold teams accountable, recognize success, and prioritize action in order to maximize impact.​

Boosting our clients’ bottom lines

of non purchases
turned into sales
increase in loyalty
sales increase for new
outerwear line

Based on real customer results.

An all-in-one, game-changing platform


Gain insights and take action to boost your customer and employee experience.

Real time feedback

Real-time feedback

Engage with customers while they shop to understand their experiences and address issues head-on.


Role-based dashboards

Empower your staff to effect real change by displaying insights that are relevant to each person’s specific role.

employee recognition

Employee recognition

Celebrate individual and team wins whenever great feedback comes through, fostering a culture of gratitude.

employee coaching

Employee coaching

Offer meaningful, constructive, and impartial performance evaluations with targeted consumer insights.

automated actions

Automated actions

Activate one of our automated modules to save lost sales, increase loyalty enrolment, generate reviews, and more!

performance tracking

Performance tracking

Measure key quantitative factors like NPS and KPIs, as well as granular data for individual topics of interest.


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