Analyze, target, and improve your digital CX  ​

The digital customer journey is an entirely different beast than in-store. It includes different touch points, pain points, and pitfalls – all of which need to be understood and optimized by digital leaders. Here’s how Chatter can help.​

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Chatter for Digital Leader


Upgrade your



Paint a holistic picture of the digital experience

that goes beyond web analytics

and session replays​

Get to the heart of the issue

Get to the heart

of the issue​


Merge data from disparate sources and

integrate shopper feedback to deeply

understand customer pain points​​

automated actions

Fix broken



Create streamlined digital processes

that pave a clear path to

problem resolution​

employee coaching

Focus on what



Align digital strategy with business strategy

to solidify clear priorities and make

high-impact CX improvements ​

employee recognition

Empower your



 Build an action-oriented culture

at scale by prioritizing actions

that deliver the most value.​

performance tracking

See how you’re



Measure the impact of digital

experience optimizations

and enhancements

How we do it

Measure your impact​

Connect on an individual level​​


Chatter’s conversational AI analyzes customer issues in real time, continuously optimizing the question flow to offer hyper-targeted and personalized solutions.​

Understand the digital journey​


From browsing to checkout, track each step of the customer journey both online and in-app to identify key areas of improvement.​

Understand the digital journey​
Take targeted, continuous action​

Take targeted, continuous action​


Identify, implement, and monitor website improvements designed to increase cart conversion, optimize site performance, and boost the user experience.​

Enable action with
role-based dashboards​


Cut through the noise and empower staff to effect real change by displaying insights that are relevant to each person’s specific role.​

Enable action with role-based dashboards​​
Close the loop on active issues

Close the loop on active issues


Instantly start a dialogue with customers who are experiencing issues. Quickly suggest solutions and recover the relationship with automated actions in real time.​

Unify your tech stack


Integrate common technologies like web analytics and CRM with customer feedback to understand what’s happening, where it’s happening, and why it’s happening.​

Unify your tech stack

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