S1E8 • The CX playbook for HR professionals

Emily Hawkins

Episode overview

As the founder of a career and life coaching firm, Emily Hawkins knows recruitment inside and out. She spends her days working side-by-side with jobseekers and executives who want to level up their productivity, listening to what’s burnt them out and why they’re yearning for change. In this episode, Hawkins provides insights into what she calls the “Great Reset”: what are candidates looking for when switching roles, and which truths do HR professionals need to know? 

Guest bio

Emily Hawkins is the founder of Your Life, Your Coach: a career and life coaching firm that has helped thousands of people get on track with their careers and find fulfillment in their work. Emily’s expertise is backed by 15 years of experience working with budgets, processes, and people in a corporate environment. She brings to the table a Supply Chain degree from the University of Tennessee, a Georgia Tech MBA in Global Business, and a Robbins-Madanes life coaching certification.