Make good on your brand promises ​

Is your team motivated to uphold your brand values on the front line? Is your brand experience consistent? Are you a change management champion? When operations managers use Chatter, the answer is “yes.”​

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Chatter for Operations Leader


Achieve omnichannel



Deliver a consistent brand experience

across online, mobile, and in-store

 channels, as well as the

contact center​

automated actions

Manage change

with finesse


Seamlessly implement new procedures,

win staff buy-in, and handle change

management with an always-on

line of communication​

employee recognition

Build a stellar

employer brand​


Leverage the voice of the employee to

ensure your talent strategy is airtight,

from attracting and onboarding

to training and enrichment​

Real time feedback

Ramp up

conversions ​


Engage with customers in real time to

instantly troubleshoot issues and increase

conversions both in-store and online​

performance tracking

Sustainably grow

your fanbase​


Bring on new customers and generate

consistent demand for your products or

services while keeping acquisition costs at bay​

How Chatter can help​

Enable action with role-based dashboards​​

Enable action with role-based dashboards​​


Cut through the noise and empower staff to effect real change by displaying insights that are relevant to each person’s specific role.​

Boost sales effectiveness with our ranking module​


Understand individual employees’ strengths and weaknesses, then upskill them through personalized coaching and training.​

Boost sales effectiveness with our ranking module​
Close the loop on active issues​

Close the loop on active issues​


Instantly start a dialogue with customers who are experiencing issues. Quickly suggest solutions and recover the relationship with automated actions in real time.​

Measure your impact​

Compare the actions carried out by your experience teams against business data to evaluate their impact.​

Measure your impact​
Give employee a voice

Give employees a voice​


Implement an always-on listening channel to understand what’s working, whether staff are satisfied, and whether they view you as an employer of choice.​

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