S1E2 • Fostering meaningful brand connections

Simon Foster, Chatter by Stingray

Episode overview

Once Simon Foster noticed the disconnect, he couldn’t un-see it: traditional, survey-based experience management strategies are broken. They aren’t compelling or engaging, they barely convert, and they don’t get to the heart of customers’ issues. He perceived a huge amount of friction between brands and their fans – so he forged his own path and founded Chatter.

Instead of flooding retailers with low-value data, Foster set out to build a system that would empower them to take action. This is his story.

Guest bio

Simon Foster is the Founder and CEO of Chatter by Stingray, an AI-powered customer feedback platform that uses conversations to drive engagement. With 17 years of management experience at leading tech and digital media companies, Simon’s professional toolbox spans from rapid product development to sales, marketing, and operations.

As the founding mind behind Chatter, he has gotten up close and personal with retailers’ greatest CX pain points – and how to solve them with finesse.