S1E5 • Putting the heart back in business

Shawn Nason

Episode overview

Amidst an obsession with data and benchmarking, many brands have forgotten that humans should be their north star. As the founder of experience design firm MOFI and a seasoned CX professional, we invited Shawn Nason to chat about rebuilding systems with a people-first approach, breaking down silos, and creating brand experiences for a neurodiverse audience. 

Guest bio

Shawn Nason believes the only way to build a sustainable and thriving business is to put people first. He is known for challenging leaders to rethink outdated, siloed systems and rebuild them with an aligned, human-first approach. Building on his background as the Chief Experience and Transformation Officer for Healthways, the Chief Innovation Officer at Xavier University, and six years as an Imagineer for The Walt Disney Company, Nason launched MOFI: an experience design firm that pushes brands to think bigger and bolder about experiences, innovation, and culture.