How do you build a better customer experience?

It’s a question that’s mystified retailers for decades.

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 retail company wanted to increase their overall customer satisfaction, but they weren’t sure which areas required the most improvement. Instead of taking a shot in the dark, they wanted to collect deep and highly specific consumer insights, then refine their approach accordingly.

The Solution

In November 2020, the company launched a 3-month pilot campaign with Chatter that focused on curbside pickup. Each time a customer used this particular service, they received an email asking for feedback once the pickup was complete. Shoppers who engaged with the request were directed to a Chatter conversation on desktop or mobile, and were prompted to share how the customer experience could be improved. As feedback came rolling in, Chatter’s AI analyzed the content of each response, then compared it against its extensive bank of retail-related terms and topics. Throughout its lifecycle, the campaign initiated more than 120,000 conversations.


NPS increase


Conversations initiated


Topics analyzed

The Results

Of the 2,595 unique topics identified by the AI, it quickly detected that customers were most frustrated about having to call the store to signal their arrival for curbside pickup. With this information in-hand, the team was able to concentrate their efforts where there was the most room for improvement, therefore having the greatest possible impact on their customer experience. By reducing friction during the pickup process, this Fortune 500 company was able to increase their NPS by 20% by the end of the 3-month campaign.