Global fashion retailer
saves 5% of lost sales

The Challenge

A Fortune 100 company in the fashion space was looking for a way to turn lost sales into purchases. In order to complete more transactions, they needed to understand why potential buyers were leaving stores empty-handed – but a traditional survey wouldn’t be able to provide timely insights.

So, they opted for Chatter’s “Save Our Sale” feature: a solution that engages with non-purchasers as soon as they exit a store, before the window of opportunity closes.

The Solution

In early 2021, the company launched a 60-day pilot campaign with Chatter across 17 brick-and-mortar locations in the US.

As shoppers left a given store, they received a feedback request on their mobile device. By engaging with the prompt, they initiated an SMS-based conversation inquiring about their in-store experience. If the individual was a non-purchaser, Chatter’s AI continued to ask questions to identify the root of the issue.

In the event that a consumer didn’t purchase because of an inventory reason, the AI provided a link to purchase it online (if available). Each link was trackable, allowing the company to understand how many purchases were completed thanks to Chatter’s intervention.




Of lost sales saved

The Results

Throughout the campaign lifecycle, 29% of the feedback received was from non-purchasers. Among those shoppers, 38% of them had abandoned their in-store purchase due to inventory issues. 

When provided with a link to the in-stock item, 19% navigated to the brand’s website. Finally, 22% of those who clicked the link ended up completing the transaction, transforming an in-store miss into an online success.   

During the 60-day pilot program, this F100 company successfully saved 538 sales – that’s more than a 3.6X return on their Chatter investment.