The new era of experience management

Is your experience management strategy really serving your brand? Or is your consumer data falling flat?

As consumer habits rapidly evolve, CX professionals are having trouble connecting the dots. Join Zack Hamilton (CXO, Chatter) and Sarah Fahey (Sr. Retail Analyst, Chatter) as they explore the future of experience management, including:

  • – Why traditional experience management isn’t cutting it
  • – How to influence your organization to take action
  • – How to truly deliver on your brand promise
  • – What today’s technologies are missing, and how brands can bridge the gap

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The speakers

Zack Hamilton

Zack Hamilton, Chief Experience & Strategy Officer at Chatter, is an experience management veteran of more than 20 years. In addition to serving as an Executive Advisor to 200+ retail brands around the world, he has successfully led go-to-market and enablement strategy initiatives across the Medallia retail ecosystem. Most recently, Zack was asked to join both the Forbes Business Council and Fast Company’s Executive Board, cementing his status as an influential voice in his industry.

Sarah Fahey

Sarah Fahey is a Senior Retail Analyst for Chatter. During her time in the retail industry, she had the opportunity to occupy merchandising, styling, and management roles as a result of her sales and leadership abilities. Today, Sarah remains actively involved in the space: she founded Forgotten Frocks Resale, a multi-channel online reselling business, and since July 2019, she has been an ambassador for global fashion reseller Poshmark.